• Serving their community

    Appeared in Hillsdale.net on 03/27/14. Photo taken by Andy Barand   Youth from the Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative recently presented 25 handmade blankets to the Hillsdale Community Health Center. Youth in the program made the blankets as a community service project. The blankets will be given to children and babies at the hospital. ...

  • Deadline to Enroll for Extended Medicaid is March 31, 2014!

    In the state of Michigan, youth and alumni of foster care are eligible to apply for extended Medicaid (until age 26) under the Affordable Care Act. The deadline to sign up for extended benefits is just around the corner! We have worked with students, campus coaches, and DHS staff, to figure ...

  • Partnership between MSU FAME and Ingham County MYOI provides rewarding opportunities!

    By Kathryn Gosaynie, Graduate Student, Clinical Social Work FAME Program Mentoring Coordinator, Michigan State University The FAME Program at Michigan State University (MSU) has partnered with Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative (MYOI) of Ingham County to connect high school-aged students in foster care to foster care alumni attending MSU. MYOI is a ...

  • County, state officials learn about foster care system from those who lived it

    Milford resident Dennis Schneider, who was raised through the foster care system, doesn’t want sympathy. “That’s not what you want to hear” being a foster kid, said Schneider, 18, an engineering student at Western Michigan University. “What we really need is for the money (for foster care) to distributed correctly .... ...

  • Ex-foster children help push for more accountability from system

      [caption id="attachment_365" align="alignleft" width="300"] Kamille Tynes with Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan.[/caption] The Detroit Free Press released a story on foster youth helping to push for more accountability in the foster care system, featuring a MYOI student Kamile Tynes. She is a University of Michigan student who has spent years in the Michigan foster ...

  • Family-Type Support for Foster Youth

      The Blue Babies of Park West Foundation are youth who are, or were in the child welfare system and who are committed to improving themselves and other youth who are in care. Most attend college and others are working on the goal of a college education or a trade skill. The ...

  • Jackson County foster youth describes profound impact of MYOI program

      [caption id="attachment_341" align="alignleft" width="144"] Shown above at work is Daniel Minnick, Jackson County MYOI member[/caption] A teen-age foster youth who is a member of the Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative (MYOI) Youth Panel in Jackson says that program has been “a life saver” for him. The teen, Daniel Minnick, recently wrote a letter ...

  • Join Our Twitter Conversation

    To spark a movement in support of improving educational outcomes for students in foster care, the National Working Group on Foster Care and Education is hosting a #FosterEdSuccess tweet chat on Thursday, January 30, 2014 (12:00-1:00 PM ET). This tweet chat – which will be moderated by Juvenile Law Center ...

  • Success Beyond 18: Improving the Odds for Young People in Foster Care

    As part of the national Success Beyond 18 campaign, Michigan is making great strides in creating a better path for young people transitioning from foster care to adulthood.  In 2013, the Michigan Youth Opportunities Initiative continued to focus on the critical task of ensuring that extended foster care is “done ...

  • MYOI Releases Fall/ Winter Newsletter

    We are excited to bring you MYOI's Fall 2013/ Winter 2014 Newsletter. Within this issue you will be able to learn what MYOI groups have accomplished throughout Michigan. In order to download the optimized web version, click here. If you would like to download a higher resolution version, click here and select 'download'. Note: it ...

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Why MYOI is important

For most of people, complete independence by age eighteen is a myth. Studies show that most young adults are financially dependent on their parents until their late 20’s. In addition, most young adults rely on their family for emotional support through out their life. Imagine if you were eighteen years old and had to independently navigate the world of adulthood including finding a place to live, paying bills, understanding banking and credit, understanding medical care and health insurance, trying to finish high school or learning the college application process. How would you have managed without the safety net of family or a supportive adult?

Based on recent data we know:

  • More than one in five will become homeless after age 18
  • Merely 58% will graduate high school by age 19 (compared to 87% nationally)
  • Fewer than 3% will earn a college degree by age 25 (compared to 28% nationally)
  • One in four will be incarcerated within two years of leaving the system.

iStock_000003423772XSmallFor many of our youth who are transitioning out of the foster care system, this could be their reality and that is why MYOI is so important. Please help join us in creating positive outcomes.

Read about the real life experiences, testimonials and written expressions of older youth from foster care all over Michingan in our Expressions Magazine. (include cover image)
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